Maritime Barge And Tug Lift

Client Profile:

A new customer bidding for the building of floating docks, 20 barges and 16 tug boats for the Noumea market

Client Relationship:

BLA was awarded the project shipment from Ho Chi Minh to Noumena in providing the services of ocean freight and heavy lift

Challenges Faced:

  • Setting up a suitable schedule for wet towage cargos from yard to alongside vessel
  • Unsuitable cradle could have caused damage for tug boat in loading, transport and unloading
  • Accessories inside barge
  • Ocean transport Vn – NC
  • Permit for wet stowage cargos from yard to alongside vessel
  • Since the crew needed a lot of time to open the pontoon the cargoes had to be tied alongside to wait for loading
  • Position of tide meant that the tug boat could not be put in the optimum position in cradle

Project Solving Process:

  • We had to push the crew to open the pontoon as quickly as possible and had to designate a worker to look after the cargo at all times to ensure no loss or damage was caused
  • Since BLAV has a close relationship with local partners we were able to help merchant arrange permit for wet stowage cargo exactly on time
  • Due to the backward tide we decided to wait until next morning, when there was suitable tide to place tug boat in the best position.