Jack Up Rig Blocks – B Class

BLA was appointed to carry out customs clearance (both ends), vessel agency (both ends) and barging the cargos back to Singapore.
We carried out beach preparation a few days in advance. When actual operation day arrived, we performed RoRo operation (for the blocks) from yard onto the barge.
After this, sea fastening took place. Once approval from Marine Warranty Surveyor was obtained, vessel set sail back to Singapore.

Client Profile:

Client and its network of offshore yards have successfully delivered almost half of the world’s new-build jack-up rigs and semi-submersibles in the past decade

Client Relationship:

Ben Line Agencies was awarded the ocean and heavy lift task to ship two blocks of a jack-up rig from Thailand to Singapore. Till date, we have completed 4 shipments

Challenges Faced:

  • Beach preparation
  • Ramp installation on the beach
  • Having SPMT safely lift the blocks and move them from yard onto barge, across the beach – RORO OPS
  • Ballasting – Seafastening – Engineering
  • Ocean transport TH – SG
  • Custom clearance of cargos
  • Vessel agencies both ends

Project Solving Process:

  • The team was flown in a few days earlier to ensure that the ramp supports were erected as per engineering plans.
  • When the barge beached, ramp was installed immediately. Sometimes, it took longer than usual, due to varying tide.
  • With ramp properly installed, RORO ops is then almost a success. However, we still need to clear out a defined path for the SPMT
  • Ballasting and Sea fastening were carried out as per engineering calculations
  • Cargo custom clearance and vessel agencies under BLAS account