Sri Lanka – Coronavirus Disease Update

All vessels that calls at Ports of Sri Lanka have to submit HSR/HDF to Port Health/Harbour Master well prior arrival.  Based on Director of Port Health’s assessment, clearance to vessel through Harbour Master/Port Control for berthing will be communicated to agent.  Crew will not be issued with Shore Pass, and only sick crew members can leave the vessel subject prior approval from Port Health.  Vessels calling to replenish Bunkers, Fresh Water at Colombo Anchorage/OPL is allowed.

Port has been designated as an “essential service” thus operations on all three terminals continues 24/7.  However, conventional vessels encounter shortage of labour force, in view of curfew imposed effective 1400/24th until further notice, but the option of engaging Private Stevedores is available.  Except for P&I surveys on vessels, rest is not allowed until further notice.