Myanmar – Coronavirus Disease Update

All ports

Effective March 25

  • All incoming Myanmar nationals are subject to 14 day home quarantine.
  • All foreign nationals, including diplomats and United Nations officials, must present laboratory evidence that they are clear of COVID19 before boarding the flight to Myanmar. This must be issued no more than 72 hours prior date of the flight.

Master must send Maritime Health Declaration to SAD (Shipping Agency Department ) 5 days ahead of vessel arrival. All crew body temperature Monitoring List needs to be updated on a daily basis. Quarantine form is to completed by each crew before Quarantine team proceed to go on board. Master must send confirmation that all crew are not having fever and are in good health one day ahead of vessel berthing. Port Health team will board either at anchorage or after alongside according to team availability. They will conduct fever screening for each crew and if all are in order, they will allow for Free Pratique Granted.

All crew change are suspended until further notice .

All International flight landing are suspended till 30th April .

Terminals are operating normally however night curfew was imposed at Yangon area from 10 pm to 4 am.

All international flights are suspended until 31 August 2020.

India – Novel Coronavirus Update

Vessels arriving from ports of infected countries identified for mandatory quarantine and travel ban by MoHFW, Govt. of India before 14 days of departure from the infected port, or having seafarers embarked on the vessel who have been in infected regions within 14 days of arrival at any Indian port shall need to comply with additional measures as given in the Annex 1.

The updated list of infected countries may be obtained from the website of MoHFW, Govt. of India. ( or at this link.

Vessels arriving from any port in China to have the necessary quarantine period of 14 days.

Stoppages of a vessel at any port of infected countries only for bunkering purposes shall not be counted for the calculation of 14 days from port of departure.

Vessels that have arrived at Indian port after 14 days of departure from an infected port need not comply with the additional requirements specified in Annex 1.

Ports which are not able not comply with the additional requirements specified in Annex 1 shall not allow the vessels to berth for vessels which have arrived within 14 days from the infected countries.

Annex 1 may be obtained from

The following ports have declared Force Majeure till now: Gangavaram, Dhamra, Mundra, Krishnapatnam, Karaikal, Gopalpur, Adani Hazira, Gujarat Maritime Board, Adani Petronet Dahej, Muldwarka, Jaigarh, Chettinad Coal Terminal New Mangalore, Chettinad International Coal Terminal (Ennore), Goa – South West Port Ltd., Dighi Port, Karwar, Kakinada Anchorage Port, Sanghi Port, Visakhapatnam (applicable to PPP projects only), Haldia, Kandla, Angre Port, Kolkata, Chennai Port.

The Government of India has extended the lock down till 31st July 2020. Port Operations has been notified as an “essential service.” Despite declaring Force Majeure, all ports are operational except Karwar Port and Dighi Port. However, ports are facing issues due to shortage of labour.

Crew accommodated in quarantine facility / hotel prior joining / after signing off from the vessel, should stay within the designated room as per protocol and strictly follow the quarantine guidelines. As per the authorities any violation will be seriously viewed, and they may impose huge penalties on the defaulting crew members.

DG Shipping has issued SOP for repatriation of foreign seafarers from Indian ports. Each port will follow these guidelines and announce the procedure to be adopted in due course.

Singapore – Coronavirus Disease Update

The Port of Singapore remains open for cargo operations and marine services, including shipyard repairs.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is enhancing safety measures in the Port of Singapore, in view of the heightened risks of importing COVID-19 cases into Singapore.

Given the increasing number of crew change applications, MPA will need to prioritise new crew change applications. MPA is also working with the industry taskforce to provide more detailed guidelines to safeguard the crew change process. These will include the need for signing-on crew to self-isolate for the 14 days before departing for Singapore, shipowners, managers and agents ensuring accurate COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests, and direct transfers to the ship upon arrival in Singapore.

As an added precaution in the Port of Singapore, all shore personnel in contact with ship crew are advised to don face shields or goggles in addition to face masks and gloves when working on the ships. For ships which have conducted crew change in the past 14 days, shore personnel are advised to ensure that there is no contact with the ship crew. Additionally, these are the measure and requirements for vessels calling Singapore:

  1. Before leaving the last port of call (before calling at the port of Singapore), the vessel’s master, owner, manager or agent should ensure that any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infected crew on board the vessel received proper medical treatment before leaving the port and starting its journey to Singapore.
  2. All ships scheduled or intending to call at the Port of Singapore must immediately notify and seek approval to enter the Port of Singapore if there are suspected COVID-19 cases on board or if it had conducted crew change in the past 14 days before arrival in Singapore.
  3. All vessels arriving in the Port of Singapore must submit the Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH) to the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) Port Health.

MPA has also separately provided guidance to all Singapore-registered ships on the best practices that they can adopt. MPA circulars are available here for more details

Due to recent positive cases of signing on crew tested upon their arrival in Singapore Airport, MPA is tightening the measures & will only allow crew change under the following circumstances/conditions:

  1. Crew has completed their seafarer’s contract with flag state letter stating that they’re unable to allow them to further extend their seafarer’s contract & henceforth required to be signed off from ship on the next convenient port.
  2. Compassionate grounds (immediate family members at home on critical condition & require crew to attend on urgent basis – must provide documentary proof as supporting document).
  3. Medical ground (to get doctor to go on board to certify that crew is not fit for work – final approval depending on crew’s condition & MPA’s final no objection approval)

Cargo ships meeting this criteria and circumstances may submit their applications to MPA by filling up the online form at least 14 days before the planned crew changes, at

MPA will give priority for Singapore registered flag ship (applies only for signing off seafarers), MPA may consider to allow the crew to sign off if they’ve completed their seafarer’s contract (subject to MPA’s final approval/changes). Only when sign off crew request is approved, sign on crew request will then be considered.

Panama flag vessels are allowing seafarer contracts of up to 17 months

China, Hong Kong and Taiwan – Coronavirus Disease Update


The restriction concerning the residents, visitors and crew from Hubei or stayed in Hubei in last 14 days are prohibited to go on board all vessels have been lifted. Incoming visitors, and crew to be temperature screened before entering the city or port.

All passengers / crew should fill the Health Declaration form, both at the time of entry and departure in declaring their health situation. Symptoms of cough, fever or difficulty to breath must be reported to a customs officer then a mask must be used to avoid further spreading the virus. All passenger and crew entering China must provide recent travel history.

As per the recent port guidance, the Original Health Declaration form to be filled by all crew on board must be submitted before vessel’s departure. Due to the block of regular land transportation between cities, river port pilots (from Nanjing to Taicang within Yangtze River) will go onboard by using tug boat with higher charge incurred.

Shippers / receivers must arrange the required customs formalities for their cargo promptly. Due to the irregular working hours of customs, there may be delay in completion of formalities which will result with the delay in berthing. All offices in China were closed until 2400lt / 9th February 2020 as per Chinese Government announcement.

In the meantime, we recommend ship side as below and actual requirements may vary in different ports:

  • Masters are required to send their daily temperature list of all crew on board to agent 7 days before vessel’s arrival.
  • The updated temperature list must be submitted to the customs officer upon vessel arrival and before ship’s departure.
  • Crew will be quarantined and hospitalized if found to have symptoms of fever or cough or difficulty in breathing.
  • The shore pass will not be issued unless identified as necessary.
  • The issuance of boarding pass for shore side people to be onboard will be tightly restricted based on actual requirement.
  • Ship side is required to measure body temperature of all visitors and port officials on board and reserve the right to reject any individual with symptoms of fever or cough.
  • Crew change will be prohibited in most Chinese ports and you may check with prior vessel’s arrival.

China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals holding visas or residence permits still valid at the time of this announcement effective 0am, 28 March 2020.

South China Ports

Crew change formalities are suspended.

Beihai, Qinzhou

Crew change not suggested in these 2 ports as joiners arriving from other cities or countries may need to be segregated for 14 days and presently there are many flight / train cancellations.

Chiwan, Dongguan, Fangcheng, Guangzhou, Shekou, Xiamen, Yantian

Crew change allowed but Xiamen and Yantian have strict & complicated requirements. Guangzhou, Dongguan, Fangcheng are allowed but not suggested.


Crew change formalities have already been suspended by local customs due to coronavirus pneumonia till further notice.

Hong Kong

Restriction from Entering Hong Kong
The Hong Kong SAR Government restricts non-Hong Kong residents who have visited the Hubei Province in the past 14 days upon arrival from entering Hong Kong since January 27, 2020.

With effect from March 25, 2020 0001Hrs LT, and until further notice:

  • All non-Hong Kong residents coming from overseas country and other regions by plane will be denied entry to Hong Kong
  • Non-Hong Kong residents coming from the Mainland, Macau and Taiwan will be denied entry to Hong Kong if they have been to any overseas countries and regions in the past 14 days.

With effect on June 01, 2020 0001Hrs LT, air transit/transfer services at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) have resumed. Travellers can use HKIA for transit/transfer (i.e. flight transfers at airside only) on flights operated by different airlines under the same air ticket, provided that the travellers have checked through at the origin port with their boarding passes printed and baggage tagged-through to the final destination. Travellers should also confirm in advance that they are able to enter the final destination. However, the airside transit/transfer services at HKIA to and from all Mainland China destinations are currently not available. Airside transit/transfer MUST be within 24 hours.

Compulsory Quarantine
Starting from February 8, 2020, the Department of Health (DH) will issue quarantine orders to all people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland, including Hong Kong residents, Mainland residents and visitors from other places. People concerned must stay at designated places (quarantine centre, home or other accommodation) for a 14-day compulsory quarantine. Apart from the exempted persons under the “Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation”, people who have been to the Mainland in the past 14 days upon arrival at Hong Kong, even if they enter Hong Kong via other places, are also covered. They should not have any symptoms and should have passed temperature checks upon entry. Those with symptoms will be referred to the DH for further handling. Arrivals holding a visa with validity of less than 14 days will be denied entry.

With effect from March 25, 2020 0001Hrs LT, and until further notice: All travellers coming from Macau and Taiwan, including Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong residents, will be subject to a 14-day compulsory quarantine, which is the same as the arrangements for people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland.

Cargo Ships calling to Hong Kong

The Department of Health requires all crew members on board cargo vessel entering Hong Kong to arrange “medical surveillance” during their stay in Hong Kong (except crew individuals who visited Hubei Province, China in the past 14 days). “Medical surveillance” refer to the following:

  • Wear a surgical mask during work and if need to go out
  • Pay attention to your health condition, and take body temperature daily. If you feel unwell, please inform your agent or call Department of Health at 852-2125 1999 or 2125 1122.
  • Agree to be interviewed by Department of health regarding your health condition.

The Hong Kong government announced that the current crew changes policy will be tightened with effect July 29. Please note the following:

  • w.e.f 29/7 0001lt, vessels calling Hong Kong without cargo operations are not allowed to carry out crew changes.
  • w.e.f 29/7 0001lt, vessels calling Hong Kong without cargo operations (i.e. including those for bunkering, supplies, repairs, S+P Delivery etc), all crew onboard are required to carry out 14 days quarantine in port prior vsl’s departure.
  • w.e.f. 29/07 0001lt, vsls calling Hong Kong for cargo operations may apply for crew changes. In addition to the current PCR test certification requirement, 72 hours pre-arrival application (with crew changes details) is required for pre-approval from port authority. Point to point transfer between airport/vsl or vice versa is required, no hotel accommodation allowed. Other restrictions apply as per attached announcement.

Note that the port authority basically defines “Cargo Operations” as a cargo vessel and with full cargo manifest, Shipping Order (SO) and Bill of Lading, etc as supporting. Handling of ship’s spare parts does not construe as “cargo operations”.

Based on the above, crew change for vessels calling Hong Kong with cargo operations will need to comply with the following:

  • shipping companies/agents shall submit the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) of vessel together with the details of the sign-on and sign-off crew to be changed (including their names and flight schedules) 72 hours prior arrival of the vessel for the Marine Department (MarDep)’s approval;
  • In-coming (Sign-on) crew members should only arrive Hong Kong when their vessels are berthed in Hong Kong and should get onboard immediately upon arrival;
  • Out-going (Sign-off) crew members who have completed their service on-board should stay onboard the vessel during their stay in HongKong and travel directly to the airport for repatriation totheir home countries. Vessel is NOT allowed to sail until all offsigners flight have departed Hong Kong.


According to Article 9 of the “Regulations Governing Quarantine at Ports”, the master should report all information. Article 9 states that inbound ships entering international port from other countries (boundaries) shall within 4 to 72 hours, report the following by their shipmaster to the quarantine authorities:

  1. Name of ship, call sign and voyage number;
  2. The last port of departure, date and time;
  3. Name of port anchored during the 30 days prior to arrival and the date of departure;
  4. Expected date and time of arrival;
  5. Types of Sanitary Control Certificate for ship, issued date and place;
  6. Number of crew and passengers;
  7. Any deaths or patients with communicable diseases on board within 30 days prior to arrival and their relevant information;
  8. Any deaths from unknown causes within 30 days prior to arrival;
  9. Any breeding of rats or vectors;
  10. Other relevant matters.

When sailing time of this voyage is less than 4 hours, upon approval of the quarantine authority, it may complete reporting prior to voyage. If death occurs or patients with communicable disease detected after reporting, it should immediately be reported to the relevant information to the quarantine authority such as the number of infections or deaths, their names, symptoms or causes of deaths. Upon reviewing of reports mentioned in the preceding first three paragraphs, if the quarantine authority decides that the ship in question is in no danger of transmitting communicable diseases, entry permit will be granted.

Before the pilot boards the ship, both the passage and bridge that the pilot may pass through should be Complete disinfection, maintain ventilation and strictly control the number of people on the bridge, all Crew members who may be in contact with pilots should wear masks and crew are unwell should be isolated to avoid contact with pilots.

Master should fill in the self-management form as a verification certificate for inspection (form attached).

Failure to implement the epidemic prevention actions in accordance with the above matters, Pilot may follow the Article 30 of Pilotage Law, refused to lead the vessel to avoid causing a breach of epidemic prevention in ports.

If the pilot has embarked on the vessel and found that the vessel has not implemented anti-epidemic actions in accordance with the mentioned regulations, the pilot will immediately leave. All cost such as, pilotage fee, pilot boat fee, tugs fee and etc., will be borne by shipowner.

Crew Changes

  • Crew Changes are NOT allowed, except Taiwan flagged vessels, foreign vessels belonging to Taiwan shipping Corporation, ship delivery conducted (excluding China flagged vessels) and in emergency situations or if special permit is issued.
  • Crew shore leave is NOT allowed. Crew are strictly not permitted to go to quayside and MUST remain onboard vessel at all times.
  • Visa-Exemption Entry have been suspended until further notice.
  • All persons entering Taiwan must undergo 14 days home quarantine. Subject to additional extension. Fine for breaking quarantine up to NTD1’000’000.
  • All personnel, including crew, must have their temperatures taken two times per day prior to arriving in Taiwan. All body temperature must be submitted to Quarantine prior arrival to Taiwan and whilst alongside in Taiwan port.

Port Restrictions

  • From 6th February 2020, cruise vessels are not permitted to enter Taiwan ports or anchorage until further notice.
  • Foreign flagged vessels under a work permit – All foreign flagged vessels entering to Taiwan from overseas are permitted to call a Taiwan port. Requirement for vessels to be quarantine for 30 days is lifted. But all crews must be quarantine on shore for 14 days before allowing the vessels and crews to proceed to jobsite (offshore)
  • All other port and cargo operations as per normal condition.

Port Closures & Delays
Port Closures: No
Expect Delays: No

Effective July 4:

Only offshore windfarm vessel shall be applied by developer with authority Bureau of Energy (BOE) for the final approval for crew changes. Only when vessels alongside, then signing on/off can be performed, all sign on/ off crewmember must undergo 14 days quarantine.

Crew Changes for Offshore Wind Farm Only

Taiwan authorities allow for crew change for personnel signing on / off a foreign flagged vessel as crew in Taiwan. Wind Farm Developers must submit the necessary documentation to Bureau of Energy (BOE). BOE will then review and accept/reject submission. If submission is accepted then BOE will issue a Certificate of business contract performance. This document is required for all crew changes. Our operations team can support clients with a quarantine plan (as required for issue of certificate). Please contact directly with for complete and detailed process.    

Travelers who have received permission to enter Taiwan, when checking in with the airline for the flight to Taiwan, must present an English-language certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test taken within three days of boarding and they must also undergo a 14-day home quarantine upon entry into the country.


According to the XIAMEN NOTICE NO.8, every person entering Xiamen should register and declare their health conditions in advance using the “i XIAMEN” WeChat Subscription. All crew signing on at Xiamen port should implement the same and keep contact with the terminal as well as to cooperate the terminal with basic body and mask wearing checks.

Cambodia – Coronavirus Disease Update

All ports

No restriction for cargo ship calling Cambodia but all crew onboard of cargo ship must go through scanning of body temperature as well as ship agent, customs, police, quarantine official and harbour master.

Temporary closure of inland, waterway, airway for Cambodia travel to Vietnam and from Vietnam to Cambodia, effective March 20 23:59 onward.

Crew changes (sign on and sign off) is temporary not allowed by Ministry of Public Work and Transportation, and prohibited by Cambodian Immigration.

Foreign visitors from Iran, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and USA are allowed to enter Cambodia. All travelers both Cambodian and foreign nationals are required to have a valid Covid-19 Health Certificate issued by the health authority of their country. Foreign travelers must have health insurance able to pay out a minimum of US$50,000 during their stay in Cambodia.

All travelers both Cambodian and foreign nationals are required to undergo covid-19 test upon arrival and wait for result before entry.

  1. If found positive, the person must be quarantined 14 days for check up and health care by ministry of health.
  2. If found negative, the person must self isolate / quarantine for 14 days at their home / accommodation. The person will take a second covid-19 test on the 13th day of quarantine.

WEF June 1, visa upon arrival is not available until further notice. Passengers need to apply for a visa before entering Cambodia.

The following costs will be for the account of any foreigner that arrives in Cambodia.

  • Testing upon arrival at the airport = US$165/ pax
  • If any passengers test “positive”, the accompanying passenger’s quarantine stage= US$1276/pax
  • Medication stage for infected cases = US$3550/pax
  • Cremation service in case passenger passes away = US$1500/pax
  • Testing certificate= US$30/each

Foreign passengers will be required to deposit money upon arrival to cover all charges related to Covid-19 testing, quarantine, medication. Details of this guideline are still being finalized.

Cambodians who hold a foreign passport and enter Cambodia by K Class Visa no longer need to deposit US$3,000 and Health Insurance that cover minimum US$50,000. Instead they need to obtain “Health Certificate which Negative Covid-19” issued by their residence country and not over than 72 hours from issued date.

From August 1 onwards, flights from Malaysia and Indonesia are temporarily suspended from landing in Cambodia.

Yangon River Change in Draft Restrictions

Please be informed that Myanmar Port Authority has officially announced change of draft restriction effected from 1st July 2020 as below;

Yangon outer bar(for Thilawa ports)maximum permissible draft: 9.5M
Yangon inner bar(for Yangon inner ports)maximum permissible draft: 9.3M

Previous draft restriction
Yangon outer bar(for Thilawa ports)maximum permissible draft: 9.0M
Yangon inner bar(for Yangon inner ports)maximum permissible draft: 9.0M

Above draft restrictions are also subject to daily tide availability for vessel berthing arrangement.

South Korea – Coronavirus Disease Update

Quarantine officer must board and conduct an inspection if the vessel falls into either of these categories.:

  • All arriving vessels that have called at ports in China and Japan.
  • All arriving vessels with crew/passengers who have travelled to mainland China and Japan.

Below is the inspection procedure:

  • No one can come on board and no loading activity can be conducted before arrival inspection by quarantine officer is completed. Free Pratique will only be granted if crew are not suspected of coronavirus and all crew are in good condition / after inspection is completed.
  • Arrival inspection conducted by quarantine officer will take about 2-3 hours at outer anchorage.
  • If any crew members are suspected of coronavirus, all activity will be suspended, vessel will be quarantined and will not be allowed to proceed alongside jetty / loading at anchorage. She must wait for quarantine officer’s decision with indefinite waiting time.

Immigration office prohibits disembarking of all crew/passenger who have travelled to Wuhan, China in the past 14 days.

All master of the ship are recommended to implement the following additional precautionary measures:

  • Carry out daily check for crew/passengers on board at least twice a day looking out for fever / runny nose / cough / shortness of breath / high temperature.
  • Isolate unwell crew/passengers when his/her temperature is above 38 degree Celsius and should also wear a protective mask.
  • Disinfect common area and rooms on the vessel before arrival in South Korean port.

With effect on February 10, the Central Disaster Management Headquarters of the Republic of Korea has decided to temporarily ban entry of cruise ships at ports in South Korea in an effort to prevent further spread and infections of the novel coronavirus. Port entries will only be allowed for fueling and provision of ship supplies WITHOUT disembarkation of personnel aboard.

Crew members can go to shore if a vessel’s last port of call is NOT Hubei, China but a Travel Record Declaration and valid mobile number must be submitted to the quarantine office via agent.

Effective February 25, vessels calling Taiwanese ports with marine crew sailing from South Korea will be prohibited from entering Taiwan within 14 days of departure from South Korea. Issuance of shore pass to Korean crew is suspended. Vessels in port must record body temperature of all crew on board during vessel’s stay in port and submit this to PHO daily. Japanese will not be allowed entry without a visa.

As of today, only travelers arriving from Europe or the United States are ordered to self-quarantine. Effective 0:00H of 1 April, all Koreans and foreigners with residence in Korea arriving from all countries will be subject to self-quarantine for 14 days upon entry.

As of today, short-term travelers without domestic residence are subject to active monitoring rather than self-quarantine. Starting 1 April, all short-term travelers will also be ordered to self-quarantine with exceptions* allowed only for limited cases:

  • A-1 (diplomat), A-2 (official duty), or A-3 (agreement) visa types; or
  • A self-quarantine exemption issued in advance by a Korean Embassy prior to entry for one of the following reasons:
    – Important business purpose (contract, investment, etc.)
    – Academic purpose (international convention)
    – Other public or humanitarian purpose recognized as valid reason for exemption

Short-term travelers who do not have a place of residence or a place to self-quarantine will be allowed to use a quarantine facility provided by national or local government. In this case, the person (regardless of whether Korean or of foreign nationality) will be required to pay for the use of such facility.

The cost of testing and treatment for travelers arriving in from overseas is supported by the state. This is done for the sake of public interest, in order to protect Korean citizens and residents by preventing further spread of infection in Korea. However, since the decision to enter Korea at this state is the individual’s voluntary choice, and in order to prevent incentivizing more people to enter into the country adding more burden on the system, living expenses support will not be provided for those traveling in from overseas.

Persons traveling in from overseas who fail to comply with self-quarantine regulations are subject to imprisonment up to 1 year or fine up to 10 million won (effective 5 April) for violation of Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act (Paragraph 1 of Article 49 and Article 79-3). Persons of foreign nationality who fail to comply may be subject to measures including deportation and entry ban in accordance with Immigration Act (Articles 11 and 46).

COVID-19 PCR test to be applied to all foreigners who enter South Korea.

If the vessel departure date is fixed within the quarantine period, people who show negative results in PCR test are allowed to leave quarantine facility earlier than 14 days . Required documents to be prepared by agency.

Effective July 6, the following are guidelines for crew changes in Korea:

  • All off signers must take COVID-19 test at the Port Quarantine Department. Cost of the test will be shouldered by South Korea government.
  • All off signers must do 14 days of quarantine.
  • Quarantine facility cost to be announced – Estimate cost USD130/day
  • Off signer who shows no symptoms can leave the quarantine facility before 14days of full quarantine. Subject to having an e-ticket for their repatriation and only to be transferred by the car arranged by Agency.
  • Vessel is not allowed to depart or leave from the port until all off signers have their COVID-19 test result.
  • Because of the sudden increase of tests among in all area of South Korea, local Port Quarantine department have no choice but to wait for COVID-19 test results that will take at least 2-3days.
  • These restrictions apply to all ports in South Korea. Above restrictions also apply to crew who want to go ashore. Only emergency situation for patients can be considered for going ashore after all above processes.
  • Above updated restrictions apply to all port in South Korea. Above restriction apply to crew who want to go ashore. Only emergency situation for patients can be considered for going ashore after following above guidelines.

Some additional information:

  • Restrictions are getting tougher and stricter as the COVID-19 situation develops.
  • A group of Russian crew came to Busan with an infection, and now all vessels coming from Russia are not allowed to have crew change operations.
  • There are delays with processing of test results because of the increase in people taking COVID-19 tests at the port and low number of health inspectors
  • Government will not let vessel sail until all off signers receive negative on COVID-19 test.

Facility isolation exemption must satisfy below conditions

  • Vessel with no record of port visit for last 14days
  • Crews who stayed on vessel over 14days continuously before port entry.
  • Crews who has no record of embark or disembark over 14days continuously before port entry
  • Crew who has no COVID-10 symptoms over 14days continuously before port entry

If above conditions are satisfied, off signers can apply for facility isolation exemption. Agency will hand over required applications to local Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Administration. Quarantine department will review all documents and inform the possibility of facility isolation exemption.

Facility cost for off signer is USD 140/day/man.

Effective July 20

  • COVID-19 (PCR TEST) is required in advance. This applies to anyone who departs from the Philippine and arrive at South Korea (including flight transfer).
  • All foreigners who are taking a flight from the Philippines to South Korea including transfer must have COVID-19 negative test result which is issued within 48 hours.
  • Results must be handed in when flight tickets are issued to the foreigner and also to immigration when they arrive at South Korea.
  • Without COVID-19 negative test results, entry to South Korea might be denied.
  • Only certificate of COVID-19 negative test results that are issued by Korean embassy designated hospitals are acceptable

Japan – Coronavirus Disease Update

All ports

All vessels arriving Japan ports will be required to submit a health questionnaire. This report should be accomplished by the vessel captain and submitted to the relevant quarantine officer before arriving at any Japanese port.

This needs to be submitted to immigration during their working hours, prior ship arrival. To ensure prompt checking and feedback from the Authorities, Master needs to provide this at least 36 hours in advance. In case vessel is due to arrive during a weekend or Monday, the health questionnaire must be submitted latest by Friday AM JPLT.

Quarantine measures

All nationals arriving from the following countries are called upon to wait 14 days at a location designated by the quarantine station chief and to refrain from using public transportation.

Asia – China, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam and Malaysia

Europe – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Monaco, Romania, San Marino, the United Kingdom, and Vatican

Middle East – Iran, Israel, Qatar and Bahrain

Africa – Egypt and Democratic Republic of the Congo

North America – The United States of America

Effective April 3, entry ban for all foreigners travelling from countries/areas as below. Visas issued by Japanese Embassies or Consulates located in all countries other than those listed will cease to be in effect and visa-free entry, which had been granted to citizens of the same countries, will be suspended as well.

Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Equador, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Finland, France, Gabon, Germany, Greece, Guinea-Bissau, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Isreal, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morrocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, PRC (including HKG and Macau), Qatar, Republic of Djibouti, Romania, Russia, Sao Tome Principe ,South Korea, San Marino, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, USA, Vatican, Vietnam.

Quarantine Measures
Intensified quarantine (14 days) required for all travelers entering Japan regardless of nationalities.

Effective April 29, entry ban on travelers is updated as below. Visas issued by Japanese Embassy or Consulates located in all countries other than those listed will cease to be in effect and visa-free entry, which had been granted to citizens of the same countries, will be suspended as well.

  • Foreigners who have Chinese passports issued by Hubei or Zhejiang Province in China.
  • Foreigners who have embarked from passenger vessel “Westerdam”
  • Foreigners who have been to the following countries for the past 14 days: Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, PRC (including Hong Kong and Macau), Qatar, Republic of Djibouti, Romania, Russia, South Korea, San Marino, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA, Vatican, Vietnam.

All major ports with practical access to JP major international airports: NRT, KIX and HN-

For on signers:

If crew have a valid Seaman’s book (to identify their crew status), they might be allowed to enter Japan with following procedure:

  • In general, crew members from countries on this list ( have to undergo PCR test at airport, quarantine and undergo an interview (with crew agent’s assistance) at airport immigration.
  • For onsigners who are not required to take PCR test, they can join vessel directly without 14 days quarantine as long as they don’t use public transportation (such as Domestic airplane, Bullet train, Bus, etc.). They need to be escorted to join vessel by agent’s car.
  • For onsigners who are required to take PCR test by airport Quarantine, results usually available after 1-2days (at NRT airport), 4-5hours (at HND airport) and 4-5hours to 1 day (at KIX airport), during this time, they need to stay at a Government-assigned hotel (chartered bus from airport to the hotel, hotel charge, meal charge are expected to be paid by Japanese Government, but it also subjects to the Government-contracted hotel’s vacancy). If the tests turn out to be negative, they can join vessel without 14 days isolation as long as they don’t use public transportation (such as Domestic airplane, Bullet train, Bus, etc.). They need to be escorted to join vessel by agent’s car
  • The shore pass for onsigners shall be issued by Immigration officer at the airport after the interview (with crew agent’s assistance). However there’s still possibility that the PCR test show positive result. In case one of the onsigners’ PCR test shows result as positive, he will be escorted to a designated hospital, probably by Quarantine office and all other onsigners will have to return to origins immediately, not being able to join vessel too.
  • Whether PCR test for the onsigners is requested or not completely depends on Quarantine’s decision upon their arrival at the airport. PCR test in Japan is an assigned test (conducted by Government Quarantine), not optional or commercialized check-up, hence cannot be ordered.
  • Whether onsigners can enter Japan or not still depends on airport Quarantine’s final judgement upon their arrival. However pls be ensured our team and our attending escort agent will try our very best to persuade the Immigration & Quarantine bureau’s permission, given that onsigner’s travel history has been reflected correctly and crews’ heath condition are stable.

For off signers:

  • For vessels which were at sea for 14 days after leaving previous foreign port before entering Japanese port, shore passes (landing permits) might be able to issued at first port, but only for offsigners (who possess valid Seaman’s book). In case vessel calls a foreign port, which is not target area as mentioned here (, within 14 days, it might be possible to negotiate with local Immigration for offsigners’ disembarkation too. However same need to be confirmed on case by case basis.
  • They need to be escorted by agent’s car too, no public transportation (such as Domestic airplane, Bullet train, Bus, etc.) is allowed.

Regrettably at this stage, there’s still no official instruction from Japan Immigration about the fixed/confirmed procedure for crew change procedure at all Japan ports. Therefore the situation might varied among Japan areas/ports and we have no other choice than to check with the Immigration on case by case basis. Hence, in case you have any plan for a crew change at Japanese ports, please advise us flwg info as precise as possible for our efficient negotiation with the Immigration office:

  • Vessel’s name
  • Japanese port name that the crew change should take place, ETA at port
  • Charterer’s port agent contact details
  • Vessel’s port of call list for 1 month prior arrival at Japan 1st port
  • Onsigner’s nationalities, whether they have valid Seaman’s book or not

Currently, most airports in Japan is not available for international flights except Narita Airport, Haneda Airport (with very limited international flight option) & Kansai airport (KIX). Hence, it will be most convenient to arrange crew change (if permitted by Immigration) at the major Japan ports located near these 3 international airports due to the fact that all transportation should be made easier.

For the other ports that are far away from above airports, the possibility to arrange same subject to escort agent’s availability and need to be checked carefully on case by case basis.
Public transportation is still allowed in case they have completed 14 days self-quarantine in Japan as per Quarantine bureau’s request. But considerate the nature of crew change operation, this option seems not recommendable.