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747 Air Charter

Project shipment via air from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to General Santos/ Philippines, chartering a Malaysian Airlines 747 cargo aircraft.
Following which customs clearance at destination and overland transport to client’s powerplant site was undertaken. Cargo was made up of 21 packages of air preheater
parts, with a combined size of 51 tons/262 cbm

Client Profile:

A subsidiary of one of the largest power companies in the Philippines

Challenges Faced:

  • A 747 cargo aircraft requires a main deck unloader for unloading but the equipment of the proposed airport of destination (Davao) had been unserviceable for some time already and there was no repair schedule known.
  • The alternate airport (Gensan) had a working unloader but the reliability was uncertain due to the age of the equipment.
  • The said airport only had an aging 2 ton capacity forklift which could not lift the 14 pieces of cargoes that weighed over 2 tons.
  • Customs approval to release the cargo was uncertain since the entry will not be filed immediately due to the tax exemption being applied for by the client.

Project Solving Process:

  • Ben Line was able to source out an aircraft capable of loading all 21 packages in one lift in the form of Malaysian Airlines 747 cargo freighter.
  • General Santos Airport was found out to be the only suitable place to land and unload a 747 cargo aircraft.
  • Ben Line coordinated with the HQ of the ground cargo handler which resulted to the sending of 3 mechanics that serviced the unloader and then remained on site for the duration of the delivery to conduct repairs in case of equipment breakdown.
  • Also dispatched a 7.5ton capacity forklift that handled the handling and loading of the heavy packages.
  • Through close coordination and the good relationship of BLPL with customs authorities, the cargo was cleared within the same day of arrival.
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