Cambodia – Coronavirus Disease Update

All ports

No restriction for cargo ship calling Cambodia but all crew onboard of cargo ship must go through scanning of body temperature as well as ship agent, customs, police, quarantine official and harbour master.

Temporary closure of inland, waterway, airway for Cambodia travel to Vietnam and from Vietnam to Cambodia, effective March 20 23:59 onward.

Crew changes (sign on and sign off) is temporary not allowed by Ministry of Public Work and Transportation, and prohibited by Cambodian Immigration.

Foreign visitors from Iran, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and USA are allowed to enter Cambodia. All travelers both Cambodian and foreign nationals are required to have a valid Covid-19 Health Certificate issued by the health authority of their country. Foreign travelers must have health insurance able to pay out a minimum of US$50,000 during their stay in Cambodia.

All travelers both Cambodian and foreign nationals are required to undergo covid-19 test upon arrival and wait for result before entry.

  1. If found positive, the person must be quarantined 14 days for check up and health care by ministry of health.
  2. If found negative, the person must self isolate / quarantine for 14 days at their home / accommodation. The person will take a second covid-19 test on the 13th day of quarantine.

WEF June 1, visa upon arrival is not available until further notice. Passengers need to apply for a visa before entering Cambodia.

The following costs will be for the account of any foreigner that arrives in Cambodia.

  • Testing upon arrival at the airport = US$165/ pax
  • If any passengers test “positive”, the accompanying passenger’s quarantine stage= US$1276/pax
  • Medication stage for infected cases = US$3550/pax
  • Cremation service in case passenger passes away = US$1500/pax
  • Testing certificate= US$30/each

Foreign passengers will be required to deposit money upon arrival to cover all charges related to Covid-19 testing, quarantine, medication. Details of this guideline are still being finalized.

Cambodians who hold a foreign passport and enter Cambodia by K Class Visa no longer need to deposit US$3,000 and Health Insurance that cover minimum US$50,000. Instead they need to obtain “Health Certificate which Negative Covid-19” issued by their residence country and not over than 72 hours from issued date.