Indonesia – “Zero Accident” Safety Award

Ben Line Agencies Indonesia was recently awarded by Total with certification to recognize “Zero Accident” for activities under our responsibility. This relates to the Logistic handling of ISO tanks, including administration, trucking, storage and discharge operations arranged by Ben Line Agencies.

Close co-operation with our vendors, and compliance to our ISO standard operating procedures helps to ensure these safe operations.

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Indonesia – Sorong Branch Office Wins Customs Award

We are pleased to announce that our Sorong branch office was recognized and awarded certification by the local customs authority during their recent annual gathering with all stakeholders from the marine and logistics community. Recognition as the ”Best Marine Agent for Obedience and Compliance to Customs Regulations and Procedures”, was a great reward for our branch office’s efforts in executing daily activities in an efficient and compliant manner.

Our Sorong office was established in 2017 to cater to the growth in the eastern region of Indonesia for all aspects of cargo shipments and offshore activity. Further details can be obtained via our Jakarta head office. Click here for contacts.

Indonesia Port Updates

Port: Bontang, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Update: Port Authority Merger

As of 1st February, there is change in the structure of jurisdiction / responsibility of Bontang Harbour Master office. The Lok Tuan and Tanjung Laut harbour master offices have now merged.

  • Lok Tuan Harbour Master previously handled PKT and Lok Tuan port.
  • Tanjung Laut Harbour Master previously handled BOCT and LNG Badak ports.
  • Both port’s HM offices were classified as KSOP class 1.

Now after the merger now the status upgrade became KSOP class II which is the same status as neighbouring port Samarinda.
The above has taken affect as of 1st February 2019.
The port tariff has been amended in light of these changes to the new status ‎class of harbour master. This port is now classified Class II, and as such the foreign vessel Harbour Due tariff becomes IDR1,368 and domestic vessel tariff IDR84.

Port : Taboneo, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
Update : Port Clearance / STS Permit Requirement

The Banjarmasin Port Authority recently released a circular letter, with information relating to a new regulation which started on 16th January 2019. The circular states that in order to arrange Port Clearance / Sailing permit an KSOP officer will be required to board the vessel at Taboneo anchorage for inspection of cargo operation, dangerous goods inspection (Pengawasan Barang Berbahaya) and STS Permit.

For the above, arrangement agent must arrange launch boat to assist with the transfer of the authority.

Circular Translation:

Port Authority and Habour Master’s Office of Banjarmasin
Assignment Execution Government Letter

Minister of Transportation Regulation Number PM 76 of 2018 concerning the second amendment to the regulation of the Ministry of Transportation number 36 of 2012 concerning the organization and working procedures of the airport and port authority office dated August 9, 2018.
For service purposes

Name of employee as attached list

Contents of the Order:
Receive this order so that you prepare yourself to carry out your duties in order to service port and shipping safety supervision in Taboneo’s work area by always being guided by the laws and regulations that apply.
As WILKER’s head of post is given the authority to sign the SBP (Process port clearance) Welding approval, Bunker approval, Oversight Guarding of ships, supervision of dangerous and toxic goods (B3), Ship Movement, Approval of loading and unloading activities, STS, and PNBP levies.
If in the implementation of service duties there are obstacles or problems that are principally binding, then the Head of the WILKER Post reports / communicates with the Head of Office KSOP Class 1 Banjarmasin
Make weekly and monthly reports on operational activities aimed at the Head of the Office of KSOP Class 1 Banjarmasin as a form of responsibility for the implementation of duties
The head of the post in carrying out the tasks is responsible directly to the Head of the KSOP Class 1 Banjarmasin Office.
This warrant must be carried out properly and responsibly
For the sake of this warrant to be carried out and applied from the date of stipulation.

Port: Tanjung Redeb, Berau (Muara Pantai Anchorage), Indonesia
Update: Tariff Amendment / Tug Assist requirement

As of 1st February 2019 the local Authority of Muara Pantai has amended the Harbour Dues port tariff. This affects all vessels calling this port where a shipper’s lump sum port call fee isn’t applicable.

  • Old Harbour due calculation: GRT x Tariff (IDR 594) x 1 etmal (15 days)
  • New Harbour due calculation: GRT x Tariff (IDR 660) x 1 etmal (15 days)

Additionally, the Authority now has also imposed a requirement whereby a tug assist will currently support all vessels on outward journey from Muara Pantai. Time required for each movement is yet to be determined.

The applicable calculation / tariff here :

  • (Fixed Tariff + (GRT x Variable Tariff)) x tuggage support hrs required
Vessel Tariff Type Domestic Vessel (IDR) Foreign Vessel (USD)
14,001 – 18,000 GT Fixed Tariff 2,278,645.83 1,978.5399
  Variable Tariff 6.68 0.0099
18,001 – 26,000 GT Fixed Tariff 3,342,013.89 2,849.8438
  Variable Tariff 6.11 0.0090
26,001 – 40,000 GT Fixed Tariff 3,342,013.89 2,849.8438
  Variable Tariff 6.11 0.0090
40,001 – 75,000 GT Fixed Tariff 3,342,013.89 3,036.7188
  Variable Tariff 6.11 0.0045
75,001 GT and above Fixed Tariff 4,511,718.75 3,971.094
  Variable Tariff 6.11 0.0045

Pilots will continue to support vessels on inward arrangement to location of anchorage.

Note: Government Value Added Tax (VAT 10%) will be applicable to all tuggage / pilotage costs listed.

Ben Line Agencies Indonesia handles project vessels at Patimban

In late December 2018,  Ben Line Agencies Indonesia were pleased to act as port agents for the import shipment of construction vessels at the port of Patimban in Java. Working closely with the vessel owners, Port Authority and customs, Ben Line Agencies coordinated a number of pre-arrival meetings in the weeks prior to the port call to ensure the “float off” operations would be completed efficiently. All operations were duly completed and vessel departed without delay.

The vessels will now be deployed in the construction project of Patimban new port, and are part of the ongoing investments in Indonesia to upgrade the nation’s port facilities.

Ben Line Agencies Indonesia handles RTG Cranes into Port of Belawan

In early November, Ben Line Agencies Indonesia were pleased to act as port agents on behalf of Biglift, for the import shipment of four RTG Cranes into the Port of Belawan in North Sumatra. Working closely with the vessel owners, Port Authority and customs, Ben Line Agencies coordinated a number of pre-arrival meetings in the weeks prior to the port call to ensure the operations would be completed efficiently. All operations were duly completed and vessel departed without delay.

The RTG’s will now be deployed in the port’s domestic container terminal, and are part of the ongoing investments in Indonesia to upgrade the nation’s port facilities.

Ben Line Agencies Indonesia CSR Program

Ben Line Agencies Indonesia, via its CSR program, recently supported the supply of lifejackets that were donated to the Harbour Master of Karangantu (located in the province of Banten, West Java). The donation was attended by our Merak branch office manager, Robert Tambunan.

The lifejackets are now being used by the local community for their daily activity around the region, and transportation between coastal islands. Ben Line Agencies is committed to CSR efforts, working with local authorities and communities to improve the conditions, and trying to make a positive contribution to the areas of our operations.

Ben Line Agencies Indonesia Compliance Poster Competition

Contestant winners: Michael Target from the Jakarta office, Suci Ramadhani from the Medan office.

In line with Ben Line Agencies commitment to improving awareness and adherence to all matters related to compliance, our Indonesia office recently held a nationwide poster competition that was open to all staff. An orientation of compliance and HSEQ policies is part of the induction program for new hires, followed by regular training, conducted by our compliance officer.

The two winning posters have been printed and distributed to all offices across the country, and will serve as a daily reminder to all our teams, as well as everyone who visits our offices of the importance of compliance to our daily activity as we strive to execute all our activities in accordance with local country regulations, and Ben Line’s own policies.

Ben Line Agencies Indonesia Advisory: Sailing Delay for Coal Vessels

Recently we have received the request for clarification from our Principals relating to the below statement:

This is to inform you that due to some sudden changes in Indonesian Government Policies, export procedures has been changed with immediate effect. Exports being previously cleared on trade license now has to be processed under Miners Licenses along with export duties. Even the same is immediately functional for the shipments already loaded and therefore, no ship can sail or load further unless export duties and mine license documentation been done and therefore, all cargo already loaded has to be unloaded back to jetty.

All these has severely impacted the business in Indonesia, almost 20 ‐ 25 shipments are now held at East Kalimantan and 10 ‐15 at South Kalimantan. We regret to inform you this but as implies, many shipments are stuck in these changed policies with uncertain consequent hereafter. (As per letter from Ministry of Finance Republic Indonesian narrating same.

Be advised that from our local checking we have determined that there is no new regulation as highlighted above, but instead there has been a crackdown on longstanding law implemented by the Ministry of Trade in 2014.

All shippers export cargoes are required to pay government tax (Pph22) for completion of the export procedure:

  • Purchase tax locally of 1,5% before SKAB issued
  • Royalty tax of 5%
  • Customs tax of 1,5% before PEB issued

If the above items are not paid in full the holder of the ET under which the cargo has been declared will not be able gain PEB (Export Permit) to enable Agents to process the clearance documents to receive sailing permit.

We understand that some shippers/suppliers who have IUP/OP permit have faced issues with vessels being delayed due to non‐payment in full of local tax (1.5%) prior to SKAB is issued.

Recently Jakarta Head Customs Office have begun to crackdown on these practices by blocking system to stop PEB issuance until all taxes / royalties are paid in full for all previous shipments.

The Coal Export regulation remains the same as per Trade Ministry 2014.

  • Coal Shipper / Supplier should hold ET (Listed Exporter)
  • Payment duty tax & royalty required in full after completion of loading
  • Sending Coal Export report on monthly basis

If all the above requirements are complete, then there will there is no issue to receive PEB (export permit). PEB is required by agent to arrange Sailing Permit at Harbour Master. The vessel cannot sail without holding Sailing Permit.

Daniel Pitts – Introducing Our New Director

Date of joining Ben Line Agencies: March 2007
Current location: Ben Line Agencies Indonesia

Dan was born in Bournemouth UK, in 1973 and his association with shipping commenced in 1992 with Wallenius Lines as a trainee boarding officer in the port of Southampton. In March 2007 he joined Ben Line Agencies Malaysia as General Manager, before moving to Jakarta in a similar role and thereafter Country Manager since July 2013. During his time in Indonesia, Ben Line Agencies has witnessed unprecedented growth and as a result of his contributions and endeavours the company is delighted to announce his promotion to Director.

Here we get to know Dan a little better

  • How did you get into the shipping industry?I grew up in Southampton which is a large port city, after leaving college I started working at Wallenius Lines port operations office as a trainee boarding officer.
  • Who were you with prior joining Ben Line Agencies?As mentioned I started my shipping life with Wallenius Lines in UK, and from there have had various roles, and worked in various countries with Wallenius Lines in UK and Sweden. NYK Bulkship/RoRo in UK, USA and Singapore, and Ben Line Malaysia, Indonesia.
  • What qualities did you bring across to Ben Line Agencies from your previous employer(s)?Wallenius Lines was similar to Ben Line in many ways, a family owned company with emphasis on personal service, and building long term relationships with customers, vendors and staff. NYK being a Japanese company with a global corporate structure, had a different working style and culture compared to the European style of Wallenius, but many of the NYK values, trust, stability, loyalty, respect, quality, were common. I try to bring these values into the way I work today.
  • What does a typical day involve for you at Ben Line Agencies Indonesia?Not sure there is a typical day ….working in Indonesia involves many different aspects of HR issues, daily operation management, finance issues, business development, dealing with changes to regulations, etc… all of these change on a daily basis.
  • What are the biggest challenges you face in your current role?The scale and diversity of the operations and different challenges per region within the country, business development, HR issues and managing the Ben Line Agencies Indonesia team across the country, finance and tax matters.
  • How would you describe your leadership style?I try to be calm and practical, empathising with the staff and the daily activity, open to discussion and new ideas that can improve our business. In my previous roles I have worked in Operations, Documentation and Customer Service, Sales, Logistics and trade manage management, so this has helped to give me a rounded background that has proved to be very useful.
  • What has been your finest achievement in your time at Ben Line Agencies Indonesia?Building a strong team for all areas of our business, and developing the office network to cover all the major Indonesian ports.
  • During your spare time what do you do to unwind?Main interests are sports, football and cricket, I still play football (unfortunately not for Arsenal!) most weekends. I like to attend concerts, also travelling as much as possible when time allows.
  • What is your favourite Indonesian cuisine?Nasi Padang, enak…
  • Finally, what is your message to the team in Indonesia?To continue with the same team spirit and internal teamwork that has enabled us to achieve our growth and which remains our key strength for future growth. Communication, proactivity and positive attitude is vital to ensure our service levels remain as per our principals expectations of Ben Line standards. Our people are our main asset and maintaining the strong team spirit is very important.

Participating in Indonesia Transport, Supply Chain and Logistics Conference

Ben Line Agencies Indonesia will be taking part in The Indonesia Transport, Supply Chain and Logistics Conference between 19th – 21st October, at JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Indonesia Transport, Supply Chain and Logistics (ITSCL), together with Intralogistics (ILI), is Indonesia’s only dedicated transport and logistics exhibition for products and services dedicated to the physical distribution of goods, supply chain and material handling. It aims to be a key partner of the industry by bringing government, international and domestic participants of the complete transport and supply chain industry all together in one place. The show provides opportunities to present products and solutions, share experiences and network, with the aim of seeking solutions to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of transport and logistics in Indonesia.

Ben Line Agencies Indonesia will be partnering up with strategic partner Petrosea to promote agency and logistics support.For more information on the conference, please click