Ben Line Agencies’ global partner – WaterFront carves new territory with Houston move

18 July 2019 – Global port agency business, WaterFront Maritime Services (WaterFront) has today opened a local agency office in Houston, Texas. The company, which is one of the world’s largest port agency networks, says its Houston office has been established to help charterers, owners, and operators to manage their risk in this strategically important high-volume location.

WaterFront’s Houston office is managed by newly appointed Director for North America Lars Westerberg, a port agency industry veteran who was formerly Regional Director Americas for Seven Seas and Managing Director of Wallem Americas. Prior to these roles, Westerberg also served as Regional Managing Director of Inchcape Shipping Services in North and Central America.

The team in WaterFront’s Houston office will attend vessels directly from Corpus Christi to Lake Charles, including all terminals and all facilities. The Houston office will also serve as the regional hub for WaterFront in North, South and Central America including the Caribbean and is linked to WaterFront’s existing regional hubs in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur to provide 24-hour coverage to its global client base.

Terry Gidlow, Chief Executive Officer of WaterFront, commented:

“On a global basis we see how significant political developments, evolving trade policies and rapid shifts in the supply and demand of raw materials and bulk commodities are impacting traditional trade patterns. Meaning our clients are faced with a whole new range of opportunities and challenges in executing their day to day business. With the opening of our Houston office we are able to bolster the presence we have in other major oil & gas import/export and refining centres such as the Middle East and in Asia.”

The WaterFront global network currently handles more than 45,000 port calls per year through a network of 483 offices in 93 countries worldwide. Unlike other global agencies, Waterfront focuses on providing port and husbandry services for vessels transporting coal, grains, iron ore, minor bulks as well as crude oil, clean and dirty products, chemicals and gas. The company also handles the husbandry requirements of 3rd party and in-house ship managers.

WaterFront’s Director for North America, Lars Westerberg, commented:

“By focusing on specific commodities, we can work with customers operating in this region to add quantifiable value to their businesses. Our work is all about understanding our clients business and their  specific needs and then using our local knowledge and relationships to assist them to mitigate their risk, turn their vessels and cargoes around faster and save them money, while maintaining the highest levels of  safety and compliance.”

Terry Gidlow, chief executive officer of WaterFront, added:

“Lars and his team in Houston bring to the table decades of local experience and relationships in ports and terminals throughout Texas. The Regional Hub function of the Houston office also serves to give our clients in North and South America better access to our Global network.

WaterFront was established by leading regional ship agency businesses Sharaf Shipping Agencies and Ben Line Agencies in 2016. WaterFront is headquartered in Dubai with commercial offices in China, Singapore, Dubai, Norway and the USA. WaterFront has strategic partnerships in the rest of North and South America with renowned local partners such as ACGI on the west Coast of the US and Canada, UNIMAR in Brazil and the Ultramar group in Spanish-speaking South America. For more information about the organisation, visit

Ben Line Agencies handles French Navy Ship in Penang

Ben Line Agencies Malaysia had the privilege to handle the French Navy Anti-Submarine Frigate Latouche-Treville at Penang in June 2019. This is the first time that a French Navy Ship (FNS) called at Penang, as usually the France naval ships previous visit were either at Port Klang or Kota Kinabalu.

The frigate and several other naval ships (including 1 civilian ship) were part of a mission to escort their French nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier Charles De Gaulle on her visit to South East Asia. Only the FNS Latouche-Treville made a stop-over at Penang for a week from May 27 to June 2.

The crew of FNS Latouche-Treville was very pleased with the services provided in Penang, that the Commanding Officer (CO) of the ship – Capt. Matthieu Dejour sent a thank you note to us thru the French Embassy office in Kuala Lumpur. The note also expresses his gratitude towards Rashid who is from Ben Line Agencies Penang for assisting his injured crew, even after the ship had left Penang. According to the French Embassy Assistant Defence Attache-Samuel Yvon that it is rare for a CO to send such a thank you note to a ship agent. Samuel believes this gesture is the result of Ben Line team committed towards providing a very good service to FNS Latouche-Treville & her crew. Samuel’s boss – Colonel (T) Jean Francois Schoonmann, Defence Attache in Malaysia is also happy with the good services provided in Penang.

Thank You Letter

Subang Jaya Medical Centre Charity Run

The staff and Senior Management of Ben Line Agencies Malaysia had participated in a charity run organised by Subang Jaya Medical Centre last Sunday, 7 Jul 2019, The run, simply called SJMC Run 2019 brought together participants from all walks of life. We’d like to thank our Director, Matthew Soloman for his participation in running the 10kms category – it was no easy feat!

Following an early start to the day, over 1,000 participants were pumped and ready to say, “Love your feet, adios diabetes”. There were 3 categories; 21kms, 10kms and 3kms respectively. The atmosphere surrounding the event even had a hint of Mexicana feel to it.  

Everyone who participated had a clear aim in mind – giving back to the less fortunate. Through generous public donations and corporate sponsorship – like what Ben Line Agencies Malaysia had contributed through our Sports Club – SJMC managed to raise funds to purchase 100 wheelchairs for the needy throughout Malaysia. Well done indeed, SJMC!

The early morning downpour did not deter the runners – each pressing on with every pelt of rain and the cold winds hitting them. The uphill and rough terrain added on to the challenge. However, each runner had persevered and pressed on to finish the run. Each victorious in their own right because of their charitable spirit!

We look forward to our next charity event and once again, a great effort to all staff from Ben Line Agencies Malaysia who participated!


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此次活动由北部湾港集团管理层主持,边行马来西亚/新加坡/中国/香港/印尼公司协办, 邀请了来自马来西亚各主要港口、国际船务公司、国际货运代理、重要货主及贸易商和当地航商等广大客户参加。



以下是本公司董事Kristian Vandermeer的欢迎致辞。

晚上好,女士们,先生们,非常感谢您们参加广西北部湾港务集团今天在吉隆坡的路演,我们非常荣幸地能够参与是次推广活动。非常欢迎来自马来西亚航运和物流界的朋友,更热烈欢迎来自广西省尊敬的客人,他们将帮助我们了解在中国西部,西南和南部地区, 令人兴奋的崭新的航运和物流发展。

边行代理集团非常荣幸能与广西北部湾港务集团合作,促进和发展,通过南向通道,特别是经钦州等港口与通往西部各城市如重庆,成都等海铁联运的进/出口货物流量。随着中国西部地区经济的持续增长,南向通道是衔接“一带一路”倡议的关键部分。南向通道的物流效益非常显著 – 大大节省了运输时间和成本。在马来西亚以及更广泛地在东南亚活跃的进口商,出口商,货运代理和航运公司都需要了解这些物流效益,以便这个崭新的物流通道,为您的供应链和整体业务增加价值。

边行于1859年,第一艘船 (the Araby Maid),首次从欧洲开往远东,该船先在东南亚航行,之后到中国和日本。这是19世纪和20世纪在欧洲,东南亚和中国之间运营的许多边行船舶中的第一艘 ,在这方面,我们感到与中国政府的“一带一路”倡议非常连接,我们非常渴望让我们的客户,合作伙伴能够和北部湾港务集团紧密联系,努力发展港口和周边基础设施,促进北部湾成为中国西南部增长最快的集装箱和杂货贸易的地区。



Ben Line Agencies Malaysia welcomes Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Group


On behalf of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Group, Ben Line Agencies Malaysia organised a roadshow and dinner event on 16th Aug 2018, in JW Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The event was attended by Beibu Gulf Port Group management team, Ben Line representatives from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and distinguished guests from Malaysia port terminals, international shipping companies, international freight forwarders, major shippers and local forwarding companies.

Beibu Gulf Port Group presented their group business profile of 5 business sectors: Ports, Logistics, Industry & Trade, Real Estate and Investment. It also illustrated the Southern Trade Corridor which has swift connection in and out of Southwest China to Sichuan, Chongqing, Gansu, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi provinces via Beibu Gulf Ports.

Beibu Gulf Port Holding Company also holds substantial shares in Kuantan Port and Malaysia China Kuantan Industry Park (MCKIP).

Below is the welcome speech of Ben Line Agencies’ director, Kristian Vandermeer.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for attending this event where we are pleased to be promoting the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Group in Kuala Lumpur. I welcome our guests from the Malaysian shipping and logistics industry, and I also welcome our esteemed guests from Guangxi province, who will be giving us all further insight into what is an exciting development for any business that is moving cargo to / from the western and southern regions of China.

Ben Line Agencies is very honored to be partnering with the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Group to promote and develop the volumes and flow of cargo through the Southern Trade Corridor, particularly through the main container port of Qinzhou and the rail connections through to various cities in Western China, such as Chongqing and Chengdu. The Southern Trade Corridor is a key part of the broader One Belt and One Road initiative, particularly with the continued economic growth in the Western part of China. The logistical benefits of this Southern Trade Corridor are significant – resulting in both transit time and cost savings. Importers, exporters, freight forwarders and shipping lines who are active in Malaysia and more broadly, in Southeast Asia, need to be aware of such benefits so that this new logistics corridor can add value to your supply chains and business in general.

As we look to future opportunities, allow me a moment to reflect on some history also. Ben Line had our first ship sailing from Europe to the Far East in 1859, the vessel (the Araby Maid) called in Southeast Asia, before sailing to China and Japan. This was the first of many Ben Line ships that traded between Europe, Southeast Asia and China throughout the 19th and 20th centuries – in this regard, we feel rather connected to the current Belt and Road Initiative of the Chinese government, and we are very eager to link our customers and partners into the Beibu Gulf Port Group’s efforts to develop the port and surrounding infrastructure to facilitate what will be a growing container and breakbulk trade into the fastest growing areas of Western China.

I would encourage all attendees to meet with our friends from the Beibu Gulf Port Group tonight, to find out more about the plans for their port infrastructure and to learn more about the logistics connections through this area. Our team at Ben Line Agencies is also committed to helping raise awareness of the benefits of this Southern Trade Corridor and the hub port of Qinzhou, which will see the cargo flows to / from Malaysia only continue to grow for many years to come.

Thank you all very much for coming and for supporting the ongoing development of the Beibu Gulf Port Group’s terminals and logistics services. Please enjoy your evening ahead.