India: 2018 Sea Cargo Manifest and Transshipment Regulations

As another step towards ease of doing business in India, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs has made some changes in the regulation for filing Sea Cargo Manifest for Import, Export and Transshipment cargo. These changes are scheduled to come into force effective 01st August 2018.

As per the key highlights of the revised regulation, it is compulsory for ship owners, importers and exporters to adhere to the defined timelines for manifest filing of import cargo arriving in India, exports out of India and transhipments made via Indian ports.

Import Shipments to India (Arrival Manifest): Import Manifest is required to be submitted to customs prior to departure of vessel from the last port of calling. To adhere to these time lines, full details of Bills of Lading and all other manifest information needs to be made available for manifest filing, at least 24 hours PRIOR to departure of vessel from the last foreign port.

Exports Shipment from India (Departure Manifest): The Vessel Agent is required to submit the export manifest details to Indian Customs Prior Vessel Sailing from Indian Port of Loading. To be able to adhere to these timelines, the shipper must submit the original Shipping Bill with LEO (Let Export Order) to the Vessel Agent at least 48 hours prior to the Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA) of the export vessel.

Gladstone Port – Planned Maintenance Notice

Planned Shutdown 23 July To 27 July 2018
Terminal: R G Tanna Coal Terminal
Plant: Shiploader No.2 on Berth No.1.
Duration: 5 days.

The main work for the Shiploader No.2 Shutdown includes:

  • Inspect and repair SL2 telescopic chute.
  • Repair oil leak on gearbox, CC7A Gladstone side.
  • Upgrade CC7A drive coupling on Gladstone and Rocky sides.
  • Install new steelwork to support replacement Transformer on SL2.
  • Abrasive blast and paint underside of SL2 MCC Room.
  • Structural repairs on SL2 Tripper upper end.
  • Cold repairs on CC6 belt.
  • Repair, abrasive blast and paint SL2 Tripper rail between CC6 and CC6A.
  • Service and calibrate CC5 belt weighers.
  • Tiling repairs in transfer chutes in SL2 system.
  • Sample Plant 1 maintenance.
  • Belt cleaner maintenance.
  • General maintenance of the Shiploader No.2 system and conveyors.

Ben Line Agencies Indonesia Advisory: Sailing Delay for Coal Vessels

Recently we have received the request for clarification from our Principals relating to the below statement:

This is to inform you that due to some sudden changes in Indonesian Government Policies, export procedures has been changed with immediate effect. Exports being previously cleared on trade license now has to be processed under Miners Licenses along with export duties. Even the same is immediately functional for the shipments already loaded and therefore, no ship can sail or load further unless export duties and mine license documentation been done and therefore, all cargo already loaded has to be unloaded back to jetty.

All these has severely impacted the business in Indonesia, almost 20 ‐ 25 shipments are now held at East Kalimantan and 10 ‐15 at South Kalimantan. We regret to inform you this but as implies, many shipments are stuck in these changed policies with uncertain consequent hereafter. (As per letter from Ministry of Finance Republic Indonesian narrating same.

Be advised that from our local checking we have determined that there is no new regulation as highlighted above, but instead there has been a crackdown on longstanding law implemented by the Ministry of Trade in 2014.

All shippers export cargoes are required to pay government tax (Pph22) for completion of the export procedure:

  • Purchase tax locally of 1,5% before SKAB issued
  • Royalty tax of 5%
  • Customs tax of 1,5% before PEB issued

If the above items are not paid in full the holder of the ET under which the cargo has been declared will not be able gain PEB (Export Permit) to enable Agents to process the clearance documents to receive sailing permit.

We understand that some shippers/suppliers who have IUP/OP permit have faced issues with vessels being delayed due to non‐payment in full of local tax (1.5%) prior to SKAB is issued.

Recently Jakarta Head Customs Office have begun to crackdown on these practices by blocking system to stop PEB issuance until all taxes / royalties are paid in full for all previous shipments.

The Coal Export regulation remains the same as per Trade Ministry 2014.

  • Coal Shipper / Supplier should hold ET (Listed Exporter)
  • Payment duty tax & royalty required in full after completion of loading
  • Sending Coal Export report on monthly basis

If all the above requirements are complete, then there will there is no issue to receive PEB (export permit). PEB is required by agent to arrange Sailing Permit at Harbour Master. The vessel cannot sail without holding Sailing Permit.

Ben Line Agencies Philippine’s Handles 6th Largest Cruise Ship in the World

The 348 meters Ovation of the Seas in the fender-less Alava Pier of Subic. Ben Line Agencies Philippines arranged the Yokohama fenders.

The months of planning and coordination with various government agencies, port operators, vendors and different business units of Royal Caribbean International (RCI) paid off with the successful maiden calls in Subic and Manila of the Quantum Class cruise ship – MS Ovation of the Seas. This is the largest cruise ship to visit the country and seen to open the gateway for similar vessels to visit the Philippines.

The MS Ovation of the Seas is an 18-deck ship 348 meters long, has a gross tonnage of 168,666, a maximum occupancy of 4,905 passengers and is considered the sixth biggest cruise ship in the world today.

RCI acknowledged the hard work and contribution of Ben Line Agencies Philippines in making this important milestone happen. Realizing the vision did not come easy with additional challenges brought about by the closure of Boracay island, the delay in dredging of South Harbor (cruise berth) and all the birth pains of bringing the largest ever cruise ship to enter the Philippines.

We now set our eyes on the next cruise giant – the MS Voyager of the Seas scheduled to arrive in Manila on July 20 with even deeper draft (9.1 meters) than MS Ovation of The Seas.

Ben Line Agencies Japan assists in rescue operation of Chinese Fisherman in the Pacific Ocean

On Friday 18th May, an emergency request call came in to the Ben Line Agencies Japan (BLAJ) Operations team through Japan Fisheries Association asking for all necessary assistances to rescue an injured crew from a Chinese fishing boat which was operating 220 miles SSE of Kushiro, Hokkaido. The 29-year old crew member was hit by a jumped anchor rope and was in a coma.

The BLAJ Operations team immediately contacted the 1st Regional Coast Guard Headquarters of Japan Coast Guard to rescue the injured crew by Japan Coast Guard (JCG) helicopter.

A helicopter was scrambled to rescue the crew from the fishing boat and successfully lifted him at 15:30LT in the Pacific Ocean. After a quick replenishment of fuel on board a JCG patrol ship, the helicopter landed at Kushiro at 18:00LT and the injured crew arrived at a hospital at 18:30LT. All C.I.Q. formalities have been arranged in Kushiro.

After medical treatment, the fisherman was discharged from hospital on Thursday 24th May together with 2 BLAJ staff members, including a native Chinese speaker, who had flown from Tokyo to Hokkaido to escort him up until his repatriation to Shanghai on 25th May.

This was the 6th emergency rescue operation since the beginning of 2017 where BLAJ has successfully executed agency tasks of this kind.

BLAJ and the Ben Line Agencies group considers the wellbeing and safety of all fishermen and its duty as agents to provide all the necessary assistance where personnel and vessels encounter challenging and hazardous conditions whilst at sea.

Meanwhile, BLAJ received a special appreciation letter from the Chinese principal on Monday 4th June.

Ben Line Agencies expands its footprint in Australia

We are delighted to announce our extended coverage in Australia as we add Sydney, Gladstone, Melbourne and Adelaide to our existing presence in Brisbane.  Our commitment is to provide the customer with more choice and the same high quality service offering that they would expect of Ben Line Agencies.

Daniel Pitts – Introducing Our New Director

Date of joining Ben Line Agencies: March 2007
Current location: Ben Line Agencies Indonesia

Dan was born in Bournemouth UK, in 1973 and his association with shipping commenced in 1992 with Wallenius Lines as a trainee boarding officer in the port of Southampton. In March 2007 he joined Ben Line Agencies Malaysia as General Manager, before moving to Jakarta in a similar role and thereafter Country Manager since July 2013. During his time in Indonesia, Ben Line Agencies has witnessed unprecedented growth and as a result of his contributions and endeavours the company is delighted to announce his promotion to Director.

Here we get to know Dan a little better

  • How did you get into the shipping industry?I grew up in Southampton which is a large port city, after leaving college I started working at Wallenius Lines port operations office as a trainee boarding officer.
  • Who were you with prior joining Ben Line Agencies?As mentioned I started my shipping life with Wallenius Lines in UK, and from there have had various roles, and worked in various countries with Wallenius Lines in UK and Sweden. NYK Bulkship/RoRo in UK, USA and Singapore, and Ben Line Malaysia, Indonesia.
  • What qualities did you bring across to Ben Line Agencies from your previous employer(s)?Wallenius Lines was similar to Ben Line in many ways, a family owned company with emphasis on personal service, and building long term relationships with customers, vendors and staff. NYK being a Japanese company with a global corporate structure, had a different working style and culture compared to the European style of Wallenius, but many of the NYK values, trust, stability, loyalty, respect, quality, were common. I try to bring these values into the way I work today.
  • What does a typical day involve for you at Ben Line Agencies Indonesia?Not sure there is a typical day ….working in Indonesia involves many different aspects of HR issues, daily operation management, finance issues, business development, dealing with changes to regulations, etc… all of these change on a daily basis.
  • What are the biggest challenges you face in your current role?The scale and diversity of the operations and different challenges per region within the country, business development, HR issues and managing the Ben Line Agencies Indonesia team across the country, finance and tax matters.
  • How would you describe your leadership style?I try to be calm and practical, empathising with the staff and the daily activity, open to discussion and new ideas that can improve our business. In my previous roles I have worked in Operations, Documentation and Customer Service, Sales, Logistics and trade manage management, so this has helped to give me a rounded background that has proved to be very useful.
  • What has been your finest achievement in your time at Ben Line Agencies Indonesia?Building a strong team for all areas of our business, and developing the office network to cover all the major Indonesian ports.
  • During your spare time what do you do to unwind?Main interests are sports, football and cricket, I still play football (unfortunately not for Arsenal!) most weekends. I like to attend concerts, also travelling as much as possible when time allows.
  • What is your favourite Indonesian cuisine?Nasi Padang, enak…
  • Finally, what is your message to the team in Indonesia?To continue with the same team spirit and internal teamwork that has enabled us to achieve our growth and which remains our key strength for future growth. Communication, proactivity and positive attitude is vital to ensure our service levels remain as per our principals expectations of Ben Line standards. Our people are our main asset and maintaining the strong team spirit is very important.

Dinner & Dance 2018

Ben Line Agencies Singapore held its annual Dinner and Dance on 23rd March at One Degree 15 Marine, in Sentosa. It was a joyous and wonderful event where all the staff gathered together to enjoy fabulous food and drinks as well as activities planned for the night.

The most remarkable moment was the appreciation of long service awards being presented to the staff who have been in this big family for more than 10 years. Everyone plays an important role towards the success of Ben Line Singapore.

It was an unforgettable night for all and we look forward to a prosperous year for Ben Line Singapore.

History Bites – Our heritage

During the course of the 19th and 20th centuries Ben Line forged its name in the maritime sector with its premier cargo and passenger services between Europe and Asia.  We cannot forget our rich heritage and this image illustrates the services we offered the market at the time.

Today, the Ben Line name continues to prosper as it grows its Marine, Liner Agency representation and Integrated Logistics business across Asia and Oceania.