Malaysia – Coronavirus Disease Update

All ports

Effective February 17, all respective companies must provide face masks , hand gloves and sanitizer to all personnel.

Effective February 18, all foreigners from affected countries are required to fill declaration form provided by Immigration Department.

Effective February 28, Not to Land (NTL) for all crews provinces from Daegu , Cheongdon , Zhejiang , Hubei, Wuhan and Jiangsu, Lombardy, Veneto region. Crews that arrives at KUL Airport will be given a Health Alert Card which MUST be kept for the next 14 days. Health Alert Card (HAC) issued by the MOH for passengers to declare their current state of health.

Effective March 2, documents (maritime declaration of health, voyage memo & crew list) must be submitted to Port Health officer within 48 to 72 hrs before vessel arrival.

Effective March 18, all Customs service at seaports, airports and autogates will continue to operate with minimal personnel. However, operations in other parts of customs will continue to operate through online platforms.

Effective 20th March ( Review update from 19th March, Guideline from 19th March is no longer in effect and should be removed.

  • All seafarers regardless of nationality are PROHIBITED from carrying out any crew change activities (sign-on/off) in any Malaysia port, EXCEPT:
    – The seafarer on board needs medical evacuation.
    – The seafarer on board have developed explicit COVID-19 symptoms.
    – Approved sign-off port only upon confirmation from Marine Department.
  • For any crew-change activities due to the circumstances stated in paragraph (1), the replacement crew is ONLY ALLOWED if:
    – The affected vessel is operating not in compliance with the Safe Manning Document requirement.
    – Only Malaysian crew is allowed to sign-on.
  • Seafarer Employment Agreement (SEA) which expires during this period may apply for an extension of additional one (1) month.

Effective March 25, the Government of Malaysia decided to extend the movement control order (MCO) until April 14 amid growing concern over the COVID 19 pandemic. This instruction should be implemented by all ship managers, ship operators, ship owners, seafarers on-board Malaysia flagged vessels and foreign ships in Malaysia water.


Refer to flow chart guideline below.

Effective 16th March

  • All visitors  (foreign and domestic) coming into Sarawak and returning  Sarawakians will be issued a 14 Day Stay Home Notice (SHN). 
  • Exemptions shall only be given by the  State Health  Department  to those required to travel  under special circumstances (official  and business duties).

Johor (Pasir Gudang, Pengerang, Tanjung Pelepas, Tanjung Langsat)

Screening will be conducted at berth. Temporary stop for SIRE inspection on board vessel. If it is urgent and compulsory, it must be done at anchorage (SIRE inspector embark/disembark at anchorage).


Screening process will conducted at berth by the Port Health. Agent shall advise Medical Officer at least 48 hrs before arrival if vessel has a record visiting affected country within 14 days prior.

The vessel will undergo screening process at the anchorage or berth.

The ship crews including those who been screened will not be allowed to disembark without permission from the medical officer and authorities when vessel at berth. No ships crews sign on/off or shore leave through port entrance except with the permission of Medical Officer, Marine Department and other related authorities. Offshore personnel shall undergo temperature screening before being permitted to pass through port entrance.


Refer to flow chart guideline for Bintulu. Vessel with less than 14 days departure from affected country will be put on Status B (quarantine at berth) or status C (quarantine at anchorage). Ship shore leave will be suspended for vessels with status B & C.


Screening will be conducted at berth. No shore leave will be given until further notice by Port Health.


Screening will be conducted at anchorage.


Screening will be conducted at anchorage.

Port Dickson

Screening will be conducted at anchorage.

Port Klang

Screening will be conducted at berth. If any crew with fever over 38 degree celsius Port Health shall arrange to transport the crew for medical attention. For Northport, all personnel are required to go through body temperature screening before being allowed to enter Northport premises.

Sabah (Kota Kinabalu, Sipitang, Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Tawau)

Health screening by Port Health is required for any vessel calling from a foreign country. Screening will be conducted at anchorage. Action Taken On Arrival will be issued by immigration to master via local agent before arrival of vessel. NTL for all crews if vessel had called affected country regardless of number of days.

Sarawak (Bintulu & Tanjung Manis)

Petronas LNG Terminal will implement virtual loading for all vessels from affected countries (China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran). No personnel is allowed to board the vessel.

All required documents should be submitted prior to vessel berthing.

Vessel from affected country will be given status B. Vessel less 14 days from affected country will be put on Status B (quarantine at berth) or status C (quarantine at anchorage).

Travel restriction for those who visited  Japan, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia & Europe within past 14 days and must declare this to the Health Department.

Effective March 12, in addition to the above travel restriction countries, United States of America & Brunei has been included as per latest update.