Ben Line’s history stretches back to 1825. With a history of over 190 years, the Ben Line name and reputation in the shipping / maritime industry has been built over a long period of time. As Ben Line Agencies, we have a clear responsibility to take our business forward in a way that befits our past, but also in a way that reflects our targets and aspirations.

Our Mission Statement

To bring together our network of great people who consistently achieve excellence in maritime & logistics solutions.

The Mission Statement serves as a guiding light for our business to move forward - some of the key elements to this are:

  • Our People are key to our business and success. We want to find, develop and retain great people, as they form the basis for everything that we do.
  • Consistently Achieving Excellence in everything that we do, is our driving force. Excellence in safety, in our operations, in our customer services, in our commercial activity, in our management.
  • Maritime & Logistics Solutions are what we deliver to our customers. Solutions add value, solutions are proactive, solutions show a deep level of knowledge & understanding in our industry and in our customer’s business.

Our Values

  • We endeavour to be Respectful & Fair in our behaviour.
  • We try to be Considerate & Understanding when dealing with our people, customers and business partners.
  • We aim to deliver Professional & Reliable solutions.

Our Company Values are critical to ensuring that we maintain our excellent name and reputation in the industry and that we uphold our responsibilities to our people and to the societies that we work within. These are elements of our behavior that we want our business and people to be known for.

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