Vietnam – Coronavirus Disease Update

Vietnam immigration has temporarily stopped granting visa for people from China including territories of Hong Kong and Macau. All other nationalities must apply for a visa on arrival at the airport and an E-ticket is required to obtain the visa.

Shore passes are no longer granted for all nationalities. Crew change is temporarily suspended for anyone holding Chinese, Hong Kong or Macau passport. For all other nationalities, a list of the last 10 ports the crew called must be submitted and crew change can be arranged on a case by case basis.

Cai Mep, Phu My Ports, Vung Tau

For vessels departing from China and affected regions (as announced by the Ministry of Health excluding Hong Kong and Macau), a personal medical declaration for crew members must be submitted to the Health Quarantine Department in advance. When the ship arrives, the vessel is considered For loading/ unloading. Health Quarantine may board to measure crew temperature when the ship berthing.

If there is a crew member/ passenger infected or suspected to be infected, vessel must shift to an anchorage position. The health agency will board the ship to take temperatures. If a ship has a suspected case, it is required that the ship must be shifted to anchorage and quarantined.

All crew members of ships, whether from the epidemic area or not, may not go ashore at this time.